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Winter Walk StoryMap

Winter Walk to the Waskahegan Fire Tower

It was a beautiful, clear day on Sunday, January 5th, when I decided to take a winter walk in the Ministik Bird Sanctuary starting at the U of A access road gate with the final goal being the Waskahegan Fire Tower.…

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TimelineJS Example

An Example of TimelineJS in Action

I’m working on developing tutorials for pieces of software that I think are outside-of-the-box cool. One example is Knight Lab’s TimelineJS.  For practice, I decided to create a Timeline of the studio albums REM released over the years. You’ll find it  below, but first, why REM albums?…

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Monitor Cemetery

Monitor Cemetery is about 1 km north of the hamlet of Monitor, Alberta.

I visited on a beautiful July day when the surrounding fields of canola were in full bloom, exuding the feeling of new life and growth. The context of that feeling was, of course, a cemetery a place of reminders about people who have lived out their lives.…

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St. Laurence Anglican Church – Monitor, Alberta

St. Laurence Anglican Church is located in the hamlet of Monitor, Alberta. Constructed in 1915, it is registered in the Canadian Register of Historic Places.

It’s been home to the local Anglican parish for over a century, but at times was also the meeting place for Methodist and Lutheran congregations and served as the hamlet’s schoolhouse, public library and as a meeting place for the Boy Scouts and Red Cross when the need arose.…

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Our Lady of Perpetual Help Roman Catholic Church and Cemetery

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Roman Catholic Church and Cemetery lies 32 kms northeast of the town of Athabasca, Alberta and serves the Spruce Valley district.

The church is painted with an unusual colour scheme compared to the many other churches I’ve visited in rural Alberta, and it seemed to match fall colours surrounding it.…

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Grizzly Ridge Tower

Quad Trek to Grizzly Ridge Tower

I’d say the four guys who made it to Grizzly Ridge Tower on Sawridge Hill southwest of Slave Lake today weren’t exactly reaching for the stars; we were all out to experience the terrain and find some geocaches as prizes along the way.…

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Hike to Oliver Lake to Find Two New Geocaches

The fork in the road

It seemed as if I was floating along the Ministik trails today.

Of course I wasn’t. Gravity was in full force.

But during a couple of snowy hikes this winter, even when walking on snowmobile tracks, it was hard going, having to push, sink and sometimes slide in the snow with every step.…

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