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Grant S Wilson

Grant S Wilson

Capturing some of life’s thoughts and experiences


Finding a Fairly Remote Cache South of Mandy Lake
·47 words·1 min
Ministik Hiking Geocaching
To get to a remote cache today, I walked down familiar trails but then covered ground that I’d only once been near before 10 years ago - and that was in the winter months.
Ministik Five Meadows to Waskahegan Loop Hike
·80 words·1 min
Ministik Hiking Geocaching
I undertook a grand loop hike in the Ministik today, what I call the Five Meadows Hike. It was a gloriously beautiful day to do it too.
Walking a Mostly Forgotten Trail Off Spilstead Road
·7 words·1 min
Ministik Hiking Alberta
There are some out of the way trails in the Ministik that start but eventually just peter out into nothing. This is one of them.
Ministik Hike Near Joseph Lake
·43 words·1 min
Ministik Hiking Alberta
I made the trek down the trails of a corner of the Ministik I seldom visit today.
Chickakoo Hike With Geocaching Buddies
·6 words·1 min
Chickakoo Hiking Geocaching
After parking at the Chickakoo Equestrian Lot, we proceeded to scour the eastern side of Chickakoo for caches