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Church of the Archangel St. Michael

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A simple log sanctuary was built on this land in 1904 by local Russian Orthodox parishioners. That church was destroyed by fire in 1914 but with financial help from the American Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church another church was built by 1916.

Around this time war and revolution in Eastern Europe at this time made it very difficult to secure the services of priest and with the Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church was established in Saskatoon and a sense of nationalism growing in the parishioners of Ukrainian background a group of Ukrainian Orthodox believers split off from the congregation eventually building the church directly across the road from this one.

Lightning hit St. Michael’s in 1978 and it burned to the ground. The present church was constructed in 1980 - 81.

Source: “Lamont County’s Self-Guided Church Tours” booklet. Available online at: Lamont County Public Documents

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Grant S Wilson
Grant S Wilson


St. John Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Sachava)
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Like a number of other churches in the area, differences of belief and cultural background have separated groups of people who originally worshiped together.
Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Ukrainian Catholic Church (Delph)
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Another immaculate church in that speaks to the devotion and work ethic of the people from Europe who settled this part of the province.
St. Michael The Archangel Roman Catholic Church
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This church provides an interesting historical twist: here’s an example of a town being named after a church.