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Holy Trinity Russo Orthodox Church (Old Wostok)

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On July 18, 1897 two priests sent to this area from Seattle celebrated the first Orthodox liturgy on Canadian soil for some 380 settlers who had gathered at a homestead across the road from this the original church “Wostok” church, about 1 mile north from the present church.

A church and cemetery were completed in 1899 and was the first Orthodox Church in Canada. Unfortunately, as was the case for many other churches in the area through the years, in 1907 the structure caught fire and was destroyed. A new church was built quickly a couple of years later at the present site.

That church was also consumed by fire in 1932 and another, the present structure, was rebuilt on the same spot in 1938.

Source: “Lamont County’s Self-Guided Church Tours” booklet. Available online at: Lamont County Public Documents

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