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Hike to North Sask River Geocache Hides and MacTaggart Sanctuary

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Hiking Geocaching Edmonton Mactaggart

The five of us tackled some steep slopes to get to some geocache hides along the North Sask River and after that hiked through the MacTaggart Sanctuary to find more geocaches.


Grant S Wilson
Grant S Wilson


Whitemud Ravine Geocaching Hike
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Edmonton Alberta Geocaching Hiking
I traversed the snowy inclined trails of the Whitemud Ravine today with a couple of geocaching buddies.
Geocaching Hike to Mandy Lake
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Ministik Hiking Geocaching
I followed the road to Mandy Lake to find one cache and do some maintenance on one of my own
Hike in the Northern Section of the Ministik
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Ministik Hiking Geocaching
I hiked on a kind of disjointed trail today with a buddy where I have a string of caches hidden.