Ministik Bird Sanctuary

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Ministik Bird Sanctuary

Field Station Access Road

The gate for the University of Alberta Field Station Access Road can no doubt be considered the “front door” to the Ministik Bird Sanctuary. There is parking for about four or five cars comfortably and what’s more a road to walk on, a rare commodity in this large sprawling area known as the “Ministik”.

Ministik Bird Sanctuary

Mandy Lake Parking

You’ll find the “Mandy Lake Parking” spot at the end of Twp Rd 502. From here to you can wander down and actual road (a scarce commodity in the Ministik) to Mandy Lake or turn north to eventually meet up with the Waskahegan Trail or make your way south to Oliver Lake. The possibilities for exploration seem endless from here.

Ministik Bird Sanctuary

Francis Edward Williams Parking

There’s a small pullover with room for one vehicle at this parking spot. The single track trail that runs through the small glad starting here eventually leads to a large hay field and from there the sprawling labyrinth of more fields peppered with “islands” of trees.

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