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Tofield Cemetery

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Cemeteries Photography

The Tofield Cemetery is a large, well-kept enclosure about 1.8 kms north of Tofield on highway 843.

Although the main entrance is marked by a arched gate displaying the cemetery name, the southern entrance may catch your eye first as this is marked by the flags of Canada, Alberta and the Royal Canadian Legion which flank a memorial to fallen soldiers in past wars.

Most of the grave markers in the cemetery are modern markers made of stone, but there are also older wooden markers, a few showing the ravages of time.

My photographic goal during my visit was to capture simplicity. During visits to previous cemeteries it was the extremely simple images that I liked the most so I was constantly attempting to remind myself to just keep it simple. A few of the images below show I succeeded at least some of the time. 

During the post-processing phase later, it was a lot of fun to explore taking the same or similar images different directions using different post-processing software. That’s why you may see the same image with completely different treatments. In addition to Lightroom to give images the beginning touches, I used a new program for me, Luminar by MacPhun, and also Nik Software’s Analog Effects Pro, Silver Effects Pro.

Images from Tofield Cemetery

Grant S Wilson
Grant S Wilson


Wilhelmina Lutheran Church
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Churches Photography
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Crooked Trees
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Geocaching Photography Saskatchewan
I found out about the “Crooked Trees” from my sister so I made a point of visiting on my way back to Edmonton from Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. My scientific opinion?: “They’re weird!”