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Edmonton Science Park to Rundle Park Via Gnarly Mountain Bike Trails

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Geocaching Edmonton Walking

I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into when I started the loop hike from Science Park. First, I knew I had get around around a big gully formed by water flowing to the North Saskatchewan River. Then the mountain bike trails along the south side of the river to Gold Stick Park were some gnarly in spots. After those challenges, the rest was a breeze. It took me along the north side of the river through Rundle Park and finally across the Science Park bridge and back to parking.

The leg south of the river had some very steep hills. I had to go down one on my bum; there was no other way.

My Route Today

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Grant S Wilson
Grant S Wilson


Terwillegar Dog Park to Fort Edmonton Walk
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Edmonton Walking
The walk from the Terwillegar Dog Park to Fort Edmonton takes you over the N Sask River through mountain bike trails and then over the river yet again.
Whitemud Ravine Geocaching Hike
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Edmonton Alberta Geocaching Hiking
I traversed the snowy inclined trails of the Whitemud Ravine today with a couple of geocaching buddies.
Ministik Misasin Trail Geocaching Hike
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Ministik Hiking Geocaching
This was fun and challenging outing. I was anticipating a LOT more bush whacking than I ended up experiencing.