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Ministik Hike to Replace Cache Container

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Ministik Hiking

One of my cache containers was the victim of a bored coyote so I hiked in to replace it with a new one today.

The weather was excellent and the leased hay fields were dotted with round bales making it a true picture of fall.


Grant S Wilson
Grant S Wilson


Ministik Hike to Spruce Point Geocache
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Geocaching Ministik Hiking
I walked the familiar route from the UofA Access Road gate to the unfamiliar boggy shoreline of a large pond in the Ministik.
Geocaching and Exploring on the Ministik Misasin Trail
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Ministik Geocaching Hiking
I’d been on this trail a couple of times before but it’s been a long time since the last visit. It’s named Misasin by fellow geocachings, so I’m going with it. It was fun exploring new sections of it today.
Ministik Hike to Mandy Lake for Two Geocaches
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Ministik Geocaching Hiking
I traveled down the winding road to Mandy Lake today to find two caches. I was with the cache owner when he hid them, so I’m returning to find them fair and square.