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Ministik Hike to Hide a Geocache

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Ministik Hiking Geocaching

I hiked down the Mandy Lake road, past the old cabin and shelter to hide a geocache today.


Grant S Wilson
Grant S Wilson


Ministik Hike to Two Cache Hides Near Ministik Lake
·388 words·2 mins
Ministik Geocaching Hiking
I’d waited to make the trek for a while. But the weather promised to be great today and and as it turned out it certainly was.
Ministik Misasin Trail Geocaching Hike
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Ministik Hiking Geocaching
This was fun and challenging outing. I was anticipating a LOT more bush whacking than I ended up experiencing.
Ministik Hike to Spruce Point Geocache
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Geocaching Ministik Hiking
I walked the familiar route from the UofA Access Road gate to the unfamiliar boggy shoreline of a large pond in the Ministik.