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Geocaching Along the North Saskatchewan River Near Devon

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Devon Hiking Geocaching Alberta

Two geocaching buddies and I traversed some seldom-walked trails along the North Sask River today to find some geocaches, but more importantly great views of the river.

The Route Today


Grant S Wilson
Grant S Wilson


Whitemud Ravine Geocaching Hike
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Edmonton Alberta Geocaching Hiking
I traversed the snowy inclined trails of the Whitemud Ravine today with a couple of geocaching buddies.
Glory Hills Geocaching Hike
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StonyPlain Alberta Geocaching Hiking
It was my first time hiking around the trails at in Glory Hills Natural Area. There were a few caches here, but in the end it was the trails that I remember.
Ministik Hike to the Twins Cache
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Ministik Hiking Geocaching Alberta
I made walk over early spring, still somewhat snowy ground to a remote cache today