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Driving on Lac Ste Anne Ice to Find Farming Island Geocaches

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Geocaching CarTrip LacSteAnne

Hugh and I were planning on walking over the ice to the caches on Farming Island on Lac St Anne. But we saw ice fishers on the ice, so we drove instead. On a sad note, it was during this outing that I lost the micro-spikes from one foot and only realized probably 20 mins after it went missing. Finding it in the snow and scrub brush we’d been though on the island would have been difficult indeed. It’s the cost of doing business, I guess.

Our Route Today


Grant S Wilson
Grant S Wilson


Ice Walking to Island Geocaches on Oliver Lake
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Ministik Hiking Geocaching
I met my buddy Hugh and we spent hours walking over crusty lake ice to find geocachings hidden on islands on Oliver Lake in the Ministik Bird Sanctuary
Ministik Hike from Mandy Lake to Dorward Lake Over Lake Ice
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Ministik Geocaching Hiking
I had an excellent walk over hardened trail snow and lake ice to get to remote cache in the Ministik Bird Sanctuary
Hike to the Summit of Mt. Louie
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Geocaching Grande Cache Hiking
Grande Cache in the distance as seen from the summit of Mt.