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Car Caching Trip to the Dogpound Area

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CarTrip Geocaching

Dwaine and I had worked on some challenging puzzles and after we solved them a trip to the Dogpound area of Alberta was in order.


Grant S Wilson
Grant S Wilson


Driving on Lac Ste Anne Ice to Find Farming Island Geocaches
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Geocaching CarTrip LacSteAnne
Hugh and I were planning on walking over the ice to the caches on Farming Island on Lac St Anne. But we saw ice fishers on the ice, so we drove instead.
Geocaching Along the North Saskatchewan River Near Devon
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Devon Hiking Geocaching Alberta
Two geocaching buddies and I traversed some seldom-walked trails along the North Sask River
Glory Hills Geocaching Hike
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StonyPlain Alberta Geocaching Hiking
It was my first time hiking around the trails at in Glory Hills Natural Area. There were a few caches here, but in the end it was the trails that I remember.