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Blackfoot Hike to Maintain Two Geocaches

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Hiking Geocaching Blackfoot

Way back in 2008 I hid a series of geocaches in the Blackfoot / Cooking Lake Recreational Area in the shape of the Big Dipper constellation. These days, with so many more geocaches available and easy for the picking without too much effort, these remote hides don’t get visited much at all.

Big Dipper Caches
Big Dipper Series in the Blackfoot

Originally, most of the containers for these hides were ammo cans and because the low traffic I decided to swap the ammo cans for lock ’n lock containers so I could use the ammo cans elsewhere for new hides.

Today’s trek was to do that swapping and get myself reacquainted with this corner of the Blackfoot which I came to know so well when I was hiding that series.

The Route Today


Grant S Wilson
Grant S Wilson


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