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Aetna Cemetery

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Aetna is a hamlet in Cardston County, Alberta. Its namesake, strangely enough, is Mount Etna, an active volcano on the east coast of Sicily. Etna is fact one of the world’s most active volcanos and is in an almost constant state of activity.

A Google search of the place name brings up many other towns in the US named Aetna, so perhaps the Morman pioneers who settled the area in the 1890’s brought the name with them.

Census statistics extending back to 1911 set the highest population at 164. Clearly there has never been as much activity in the hamlet as in the hamlet’s volcano namesake.

Aetna cemetery is sparsely populated with graves but the surrounding fields and the mountains to the south provide a nice background for photos.




Grant S Wilson
Grant S Wilson


Seven Persons Cemetery
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Cemeteries Photography
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Cemeteries Photography
Prospy Cemetery was generally unkept with graves markers lightly scattered across the small enclosure. Despite that, one grave marker in particular caught my eye.
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Cemeteries Photography
Hillcrest Cemetery is memorable partly because of the location and partly because of the mine disaster of 1914 that took so many lives.