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St. Laurence Anglican Church – Monitor, Alberta

St. Laurence Anglican Church is located in the hamlet of Monitor, Alberta. Constructed in 1915, it is registered in the Canadian Register of Historic Places.

It’s been home to the local Anglican parish for over a century, but at times was also the meeting place for Methodist and Lutheran congregations and served as the hamlet’s schoolhouse, public library and as a meeting place for the Boy Scouts and Red Cross when the need arose.…

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Grizzly Ridge Tower

Quad Trek to Grizzly Ridge Tower

I’d say the four guys who made it to Grizzly Ridge Tower on Sawridge Hill southwest of Slave Lake today weren’t exactly reaching for the stars; we were all out to experience the terrain and find some geocaches as prizes along the way.…

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All the Diamonds in This World

he temperature was brutal in Alberta during the last couple of weeks of December, 2017. For me it caused a sort of forced confinement during a holiday period when I’d normally be taking day trips, maybe taking some photos, maybe doing some geocaching.…

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A cool ridge to walk along.

Hike up Cardinal Divide Ridge

It was only a week ago I’d even heard about the Cardinal Divide, which is  south and west of Hinton, near Cadomin. It’s a “divide” because on one side of it, water flows north and eventually empties into the Arctic Ocean; on the other side the water flows west and eventually empties into Hudson’s Bay.…

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Up and Across Lusk Creek Ridge

I knew the climb up and across Lusk Creek Ridge in Kananaskis was going to be a challenge for me and indeed it was. Just over a year ago I did my first ever off trail hike up to the “Central Summit”; today, a day I’d anticipated for months, my goal was to climb to retrieve a dozen caches along a route that would make a big square: up and across the ridge, down and back along the gravelled Highway 68 to my parking spot.…

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Blackfoot Islet Lake Hike for “Cigar” Caches

Okay, I knew it was going to be a long hike. I knew that. But knowing is only a mental concept until you actually do it. It still surprises me that this hike added up to 22 km and took me 5 hrs twenty minutes to do, 4 hrs moving, and 1 hour and 20 minutes stopped either resting, taking pictures or checking on others’ caches.…

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Climb to the Summit of Folding Mountain

The hike / climb up Folding Mountain on Aug. 10, 2010 turned out to be both challenging (especially during the tough first 2 kms that involved a steep elevation gain) and thoroughly delightful once most of the elevation was gained and the walks through the alpine meadows began.…

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Hike up Mt. Stearn near Grande Cache

My friend Amy and I climbed up Mt. Stearn near Grande Cache on August 23, 2008. That sentence hardly tells the tale about how strenuous we both found this hike. This was the first time either of us had visited Grande Cache and little did we know we just happened to choose one of the more challenging trails in the area.…

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Blackfoot Hike (Wanisan Lake)

The second day of my excursions to the Cooking Lake – Blackfoot Recreational Area was on Sunday, November 4, 2007. This was good day. The first significant snowfall of the season had fallen over night, so the ground was blanketed by fresh snow.…

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Blackfoot Geocaching (Waskehegan)

The Cooking Lake Blackfoot Recreational Area was all completely new to me when I first decided to geocache in the area on November 3, 2007. There was a feeling of being able to explore the unknown, of not knowing what is around the next bend.…

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