Holy Ascension Russo-Greek Orthodox Church (Skaro)

April 11, 2018

Little did I know when I visited this church that this congregation “can be traced back to 1897–1898, making it one of the first Russo-Greek Orthodox parishes in Canada.”

A modest log church was built on this land at that time and served until 1920. The logs from that church were saved and sawed into lumber for the present church built that year.

The church bell, the subject of the time-lapse movie here, was purchased in 1942 and mounted on the tower built from local fieldstones.

Although I wasn’t able to see it, the “Lamont County’s Self-Guided Church Tours” booklet describes the interior of the church as being impressive: there’s a dominant chandelier hanging from the central dome and a four-tiered iconostasis, the partition between the central nave and sanctuary, painted in sky-blue.

Source: “Lamont County’s Self-Guided Church Tours” booklet. Available online at: http://www.bruderheim.ca/media/33888/churchtourbooklet.05.pdf


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  1. Comment by Jenn

    Jenn Reply April 26, 2018 at 11:57 am

    Interesting! Awesome photos, I was recently at a Holy Ascension Russo-Greek Orthodox church near Calmar. I notice on their sign it is spelled as Acension.

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