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Up and Across Lusk Creek Ridge

I knew the climb up and across Lusk Creek Ridge in Kananaskis was going to be a challenge for me and indeed it was. Just over a year ago I did my first ever off trail hike up to the “Central Summit”; today, a day I’d anticipated for months, my goal was to climb to retrieve a dozen caches along a route that would make a big square: up and across the ridge, down and back along the gravelled Highway 68 to my parking spot.…

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Hike to Lusk Creek Ridge Central Summit

I drove to Kananaskis from Calgary in the morning and just after 8:30 was parked and on the way towards the summit of Lusk Creek Ridge, my main goal for the day. At this point in the hike, I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into and my plans were grand: to nab five geocaches on the ridge during the day.…

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