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Hike to Oliver Lake to Find Two new Caches

The fork in the road

It seemed as if I was floating along the Ministik trails today.

Of course I wasn’t. Gravity was in full force.

But during a couple of snowy hikes this winter, even when walking on snowmobile tracks, it was hard going, having to push, sink and sometimes slide in the snow with every step.…

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Exaltation of the Holy Cross Ukrainian Catholic Church (Skaro)

he original church on this site, then called “Ruthenian Greek Catholic Church of Chesnoho Khresta at Skaro”, was built from 1900 to 1917 and was destroyed by fire in 1942. The present church was built in 1945. The bell tower, however, is the original built in 1920.…

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Roman Catholic Church of the Precious Blood

A small church was built on this site in 1907 and then replaced by the current building, built in 1934-35. This makes it the oldest Polish parish in Alberta.

Although the paint and the steeple need some work, it seems to me this building stands tall and proud.…

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St. Demetro Ukrainian Catholic Church

The St. Demetro Ukrainian Catholic Church you see today is the third iteration of the church. In the past, it was nicknamed “The Farm” or alternately “Seniuk” in honour of nearby early homesteaders Peter and Apolonia Seniuk. (Source)

The original church at this site, a small two-room structure, was built in 1903 for $380: $300 for the materials and $80 for the carpenter.…

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Russo-Greek Orthodox Catholic Church of St. James

The local residents of Beaver Lake originally constructed St. Jacob’s Church (now known as St. James) in 1901-02. The church was renovated and placed on a concrete foundation in 1942 and is one of the oldest churches in Lamont County. (Source


If this church is one of the oldest in the county, you certainly wouldn’t know that by looking at the church.…

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St. Mary’s Church of Shishkovitzy

St. Mary’s Holy Dormition Russo-Greek Orthodox Catholic Church (Shishkovitzy) is located on Range Road 182, near Township Road 540,  13 km west and 2 km north of Mundare, AB.

“Shishkovitzy” is front and center on the tasteful gate of the church entrance and is “derived from the village of Shyshkivtsi, Bukowina, in Western Ukraine, where some of the founders of this church emigrated from at the end of the 19th century” (source).…

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“Spas Moskalyk”

When I arrived in early August, 2017 at the “Spas Moskalyk” church, a short name for “Transfiguration of Our Lord Ukrainian Catholic Church”, I was greeted with a “No Trespassing” sign and padlocked gates. “Hmm, that’s different for a rural church”, I thought to myself.…

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Tofield Cemetery

The Tofield Cemetery is a large, well-kept enclosure about 1.8 kms north of Tofield on highway 843.

Although the main entrance is marked by a arched gate displaying the cemetery name, the southern entrance may catch your eye first as this is marked by the flags of Canada, Alberta and the Royal Canadian Legion which flank a memorial to fallen soldiers in past wars.…

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Wilhelmina Lutheran Church

When I parked in front of the Wilhelmina Evangelical Lutheran Church near Hay Lakes I was immediately struck by the nicely-built and obviously well-kept church. The place made a strong and positive first impression.

I was there primarily to visit the adjoining cemetery to see if I could add to a “cemetery photo” project I’d started up a couple of weeks before.…
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